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One of the Best IVF Center with ethical & transparent services

Best IVF center in Jaipur with the highest successful result of IVF, IUI, ART, ICSI, test tube baby, Cryopreservation. We are proud to bring smiles on thousands of disappointed couples who were struggling with the problem of infertility.

By coming to Aastha Fertility Care, you are probably increasing your chances of success with In Vitro Fertilization and other assisted reproductive technologies. At our IVF clinic, you will get treatment from the best fertility specialists in Jaipur. It’s not just in our medical and technical skills, but in our understanding of your emotional as well as your physical needs.

At Aastha Fertility Care, we provide all kinds of treatments that help the patient to achieve a successful pregnancy. IVF is one of the best assisted reproductive technologies in which a male sperm and female’s egg is fertilized in a laboratory. At our fertility center, we have a team of expert embryologists who ensures successful embryo transfer without any complications before and after the procedure.

Sometimes patients feel pain during procedures like egg retrieval & embryo transfer but our expert gynaecologists support them in every hard situation. People trust us because we care about them. Our patients are not different from us, they are like a family.

We are the leading IVF centre in Jaipur, Rajasthan with the best IVF treatment cost, process, success rate, efficient doctors and staff.

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Dr Namita Kotia

Dr. Namita Kotia

IVF Specialist
(Director – Aastha Fertility Center)

Meet Dr. Namita Kotia

Dr. Namita Kotia is the director, senior gynecologist, and IVF specialist at Aastha Fertility Care, an IVF center in Jaipur. She had done her Masters in obstetrics and gynaecology from S.N. Medical College, Jodhpur, in 1997. Her goal is to provide the best infertility treatments to achieve a healthy pregnancy at the most affordable cost. She is an IGC winner of 2013 & 14 as the best IVF doctor in Rajasthan. Every year numerous infertile couples get benefited from her treatment. If you also want to be one of those, fill the form below to book free consultation and start your IVF treatment at Aastha Fertility Care.

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    What is IVF

    What is IVF?

    IVF is known as In-Vitro Fertilisation which involves taking the female’s matured eggs outside the body in a petri dish to combine them with the male partner’s sperm in a well-equipped laboratory to carry out the process of fertilization. The embryo formed after the process of fertilization is again transferred into the female’s uterus for a successful pregnancy. This is a technical procedure so it must be performed at a good IVF center in Jaipur.

    IVF Procedure Economic Packages

    Aastha Fertility care centre offers the best infertility treatments and Assisted Reproductive Techniques with the best success rates in Jaipur at the most affordable prices.

    • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) available at very nominal cost.
    • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) with afforable packages.
    • IVF with ICSI treatments at cost effective rates.

    Why Choose Aastha Fertility Care

    At Aastha IVF Center in Jaipur, we attach utmost importance to transparency, and quality infertility treatment at affordable prices is our main motto. We’re standing out from peers with the following factors

    • Dedicated team of IVF & Embrologist
    • Complete solution to fertility problem under one roof.
    • All ART services available – IVF / ICSI / IUI.
    • At par with international success rate.
    • Individual protocols for poor ovarian reserve & pcos.

    Aastha Fertility Care IVF Success Rate

    IVF treatments are considered to be the best treatments and it also comes with the highest rates of getting success amongst all other infertility treatments. Aastha Fertility Care is the best IVF centre in Jaipur so if you choose us, your chances of success may also increase significantly. Our experienced doctors not only provide physical but also mental support to patients which play a vital role in IVF success. Nowadays, technology is making the process easier with minimal or no chances of risk. Our clinic has the most advanced technology as compared with other IVF centers of Jaipur which minimize the chances of failure and increase the success rate of IVF.

    IVF Doctor’s and Team

    Meet Our Qualified Infertility Specialists

    Dr. Namita Kotia

    Dr. Namita Kotia

    Director – Aastha Fertility Center
    Dr. Amit Kotia

    Dr. Amit Kotia

    Consultant – Andrologist
    Dr. Ramdoss Srinivasan

    Dr. Ramdoss Srinivasan

    Chief Embryologist
    Dr. ML Jain

    Dr. ML Jain

    Dr. Arshi Babbar Embryologist

    Dr. Arshi Babbar

    best IVF team in Jaipur

    Infertility Myths & Facts

    • MYTH: Infertility is a woman’s problem.

      FACT: It surprises most people to learn that infertility is a female problem in 35 percent of the cases, a male problem in 35 percent of the cases, a combined problem of the couple in 20 percent of cases, and unexplained in 10 percent of cases, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. It is essential that both the man and the woman be evaluated during an infertility evaluation.

    • MYTH: IVF cost in Jaipur is too expensive!

      FACT:IVF is a lab process that involves time and patience, But it is not expensive. Aastha Fertility care center provides affordable IVF cost in Jaipur. IVF cost is determined after factoring the patient’s age, their height and weight, medical history, and infertility reason.

    • MYTH: It’s all psychological.

      Stress is the leading cause of infertility. People just need to relax and they’ll get pregnant.
      FACT: Infertility is a medical problem; it is a disease or condition of the reproductive system. While relaxation may help with overall quality of life, stress and deep emotions may result from struggles with infertility, not cause it. A recent survey conducted for RESOLVE, The National Infertility Associatlon, revealed that 22% of women mistakenly believe that stress is the #1 cause of difficulty conceiving, rather than a medical condition. At least 50 percent of those who complete an infertility evaluation respond to treatment with a successful pregnancy. Those who do not seek help have a “spontaneous cure rate” of about 5 percent after a year of infertility.

    • MYTH: After people adopt a baby they usually get pregnant.

      FACT: Studies reveal that the rate of achieving pregnancy after adopting is the same as for those who do not adopt.

    • MYTH: Marriages rarely survive infertility struggles.

      FACT: The majority of couples manage the infertility crisis, learning in the process new ways of relating to each other, improving their understanding of different coping styles they may have, and deepening their communication, which actually serves to improve their relationship in years to follow and indirectly helps them become better parents.

    • MYTH: Infertility is a personal failing.

      FACT: Infertility is a crisis and it is normal for people to feel a sense of inadequacy that affects their self-esteem and self-image. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine highly recommends all those who face infertility issues become more informed about the wide range of options and connecting with others facing similar challenges are a great help, as is professional counseling.


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