7 Steps of Getting Pregnant with Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Female Infertility contributes to 30% of failed pregnancies, and blocked fallopian tubes are one of the most common causes on the list of infertility. 

Are you also diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes?

"A healthy fallopian tube is responsible for carrying a mature egg from the ovaries to the uterus. One of the two fallopian tubes needs to be open and healthy for a successful conception."

Steps to Enter the Parenthood Journey with Blocked Fallopian Tubes

If you are trying for a baby and have been diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes, you will be pleased to know that you can still get pregnant despite the damage to your fallopian tubes.


Know the Importance of Fallopian Tubes

The tube needs to be free of adhesions and free to carry the sperm and egg.


A damaged or blocked fallopian tube prevents the egg from meeting the sperm, resulting in unsuccessful pregnancies.

Know What Block the Fallopian Tubes

Before going for any course of treatment, you first need to identify the cause of blockage and damage in the fallopian tube affecting fertility.


Consult your doctor, who will suggest the ideal tests and screening to know the cause, further advising an ideal treatment for the increased chances of a positive result.

Contact the Fertility Expert


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Attend the Consultation Session

After you consult your doctor, they will organize a consultation session where the fertility expert will-


– Conduct research on your medical history, – Provide answers to all your queries, – Explain all the possible list treatments, – Perform some blood and physical tests to know the situation, – Suggest you the best treatment by analyzing all its pros and cons.

Know the Severity of Damage

Your doctor will conduct some tests, including the hysterosalpingogram, and a pelvic x-ray that helps determine the severity of the blockage.


It involves administering a medically approved dye in the uterine cavity that clears the vision for blockage and damage.

Know Which Treatment is Ideal for Your Recovery

There are two options to repair the blocked and damaged fallopian tubes, further allowing you to carry a baby in your womb.


1. Tubal Surgery

2. IVF Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Get the Complete Treatment

The selection of an ideal treatment is just the beginning of the journey.


Make sure to get assisted by the best fertility experts.

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