AMH Blood Test

Is it Accurate?  How to Interpret the Results


AMH Blood Test will measure Anti Mullerian Hormones Level in your blood.

What is the  AMH Blood Test?

AMH Hormones are the reproductive tissues found in both males and females, and the levels and role played by the hormone further depend on gender and age.

The AMH test will help reveal important facts about a woman’s fertility and ovarian reserves- the number of fertile eggs left in a woman’s body.


How to Interpret the AMH result?

Values in the AMH test will help reveal whether the woman is fit for being pregnant or if she needs to take some steps.

These, therefore, reflect the size of ovarian reserve or the remaining egg supply.


How to Interpret the AMH result?

High AMH levels  refer to low cancellation chances, higher live birth rates, more eggs retrieval and increased chances of embryos freezing.

Low AMH levels  therefore, decrease IVF success rates, but it does not say that the couple does not attempt the same.


How to Interpret the AMH result?

mentioned AMH levels will help you with the interpretation guidelines-

Very Low                   Less than 0.5ml / ng. Low                            0.5 – 1.00 ml/ng. Low Normal              1.00 – 1.5 ml/ng. Normal                      1.5 – 4.00 ml/ng. High (PCOS)             Over 4.00 ng/ml.


What Does the AMH test Reveal about a Female’s Fertility?

The AMH test helps gain information about a woman’s fertility, revealing her abilities to get pregnant.

A woman’s ovary produces thousands of eggs during her active childbearing years, which tends to decline with age, and AMH will help know about this reserve.


Things to Take Care Before Taking AMH Test

You will feel only a little sting when the needle is inserted or when it goes out. The test usually takes even less than five minutes.

But you need to stop taking your birth control pills 1-2 before planning to have your AMH test done. There are no further risks associated with the test.


Seek Professional Help for AMH Blood Test

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