How to Stop Brown Discharge During Pregnancy?

Leading Causes For Brown Vaginal Discharge

Brown discharge may occur when the pH of your vagina fluctuates. It is usually harmless since it lasts for only a few days and resolves independently.

Brown discharge in small amounts can happen to pregnant women, especially after physical activities like exercising, carrying heavy bags, or doing light housework.

How to Stop Brown Discharge During Pregnancy

Avoid using soaps with moisturizing cream or antibacterial/antifungal agents.

Ensure that your underwear fabric is light, loose, and made of cotton

Avoiding the use of panty liners

Consult your gynaecologist before performing vaginal douching

How to Stop Brown Discharge During Pregnancy

Avoid the use of softeners or bleach on underwear.

Wash your underwear with mild soap and water

Make sure you do not wash your genital area more than twice a day since this can decrease the natural-occurring bacteria that protect you from infection.

How to Stop Brown Discharge During Pregnancy

Eating foods high in iron and calories rich in nutrients will support a healthy placenta, which is a primary contributor to brown discharge during pregnancy.

Avoid sexual activity or inserting anything into the vagina while pregnant, as it can cause cervical irritation or injury, hormonal changes, and infections

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