IVF Painful Or Not?

The Hidden Stages of IVF That You Don’t Hear About

How In-Vitro Fertilizations Works – Is it Painful or Not?


In vitro fertilization comes under Assistive reproductive technology or ART, fertilizing the egg and sperm outside the female body in a lab.

IVF Process


Step 1: Preparation of the Pituitary Glands and Ovaries

Step 2: Ovulation induction

Step 3: Egg retrieval

Step 4: Fertilization

Step 5: Embryo transfer

Is IVF Painful Than IUI Technology?


In IVF, the fertilization is done outside the body of the woman; as eggs and sperm are fertilized in a lab.

In the IUI process, the sperm is directly injected into the uterus; thus, the fertilization occurs inside the womb.

Both the processes are highly painless and do not cause any pain, but you can feel mild cramping in both of them.

The Hidden Stages of IVF that You don’t Hear About


In beginning, even before the process starts. The doctors generally ask the women to go under the AMH test and the Hysteroscopy.

Hysteroscopy is more popular. An ink-like fluid is injected into the uterus, which gives the doctors a clear view of the patient’s uterus. This provides the doctor with a clear picture of the issues causing infertility in the woman.

The second point, which many people do not know, is that the success of the process of IVF depends on various factors-

The process has about 43 to 47 percent of the success rate for women under 35 years, and the success rate decreases with age.

- Age

- Quality of eggs and sperms

- how well the embryo attaches itself well to the inner lining of the uterus

How to deal with the discomfort during the IVF process


– Use an over-the-counter pain reliever that the doctor has approved. – Take acetaminophen to relieve pain. – Soak in a warm bath – Rest a warm compress on the area of discomfort – Make sure you are getting enough fluids. – Try deep breathing or other relaxation techniques.

Overall, IVF is not that painful. For a successful IVF, you must consult a reliable doctor