Pregnancy Test  After IUI

You have undergone the IUI treatment and now eagerly waiting to take the pregnancy test and get positive results. Knowing when to take a pregnancy test after the IUI procedure.

Taking a pregnancy test at the right time can help you get accurate results and avoid unnecessary stress or confusion. It can also help you plan for your pregnancy and make any necessary lifestyle or medical changes to support a healthy pregnancy.

When to Take A Pregnancy Test After IUI

Pregnancy test after IUI thereby pays a crucial role. There are no chances of pregnancy before implantation, and it may take time to produce HCG and detect pregnancy after the implantation.

Therefore, it is advised to wait for at least 14-15 days or two weeks to conduct the test.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms After IUI

Swollen or painful ovaries

Breast tenderness

Implantation bleeding


Food cravings


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