What is Teratozoo- spermia?

Teratozoospermia meaning, It is an abnormality in the morphology of sperm. The term “sperm morphology” describes the sperm’s shape and form. It is the term for any variation from the standard sperm shape and size.

Teratozoospermia or Teratospermia is when sperm in a man’s semen is not well-formed or defective. When the abnormal shape of sperm reaches over 85% of deformation in semen samples, it is diagnosed as Teratozoospermia. 

Types of Teratozoospermia

Teratozoospermia is categorized under two more different heads-

1. Astheno Teratozoospermia

Astheno Teratozoospermia is a clinically approved male infertility condition characterized by reduced sperm motility. It is often observed in men with PCD (Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia) or immotile ciliary syndrome.

Types of Teratozoospermia

2. Oligo Astheno Teratozoospermia

Oligo Astheno Teratozoospermia condition is a combination of Oligozoospermia (low sperm count), teratozoospermia, and asthenozoospermia. It is the most common cause of subfertility in males and is usually caused by medicines, genetics, infections, lifestyle choices, abnormal hormone levels, antibodies, and other factors.

What Causes Teratozoospermia?


Genetic Factors

Environmental Factors

Medical Conditions

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