Thin Endometrium: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

The endometrium, also known as the uterine lining, is the innermost lining that coats the uterus. It is the lining that fetches eggs and helps them grow through pregnancy.

Some women have a thin endometrial lining, a common factor contributing to infertility in females. Numerous studies have proven that if a woman has a thin uterus lining, then the chances for successful natural pregnancy and positive signs after the embryo transfer are reduced.

Normal Uterine Thickness

– During the menstrual cycle, the size is 2 - 4mm – Increase to 5 - 7mm during the follicular phase – Size is 7 - 11mm during the ovulatory phase – Size goes up to 16mm after ovulation.

Causes of thin endometrial lining

Low Estrogen

Inadequate Blood Flow

Fibroids and Myoma

Damaged Endometrial Lining

Chronic Endometriosis

Inadequate Health of Endometrial Tissue

Symptoms for Thin Endometrium

Irregular Periods

Fertility Issues

Painful Menstruation

Inadequate Bleeding during Periods

Treatments for Thin Endometrial Lining

1. Hysteroscopy

2. Acupuncture

3. Regular Exercise

Some of the best and most recommended uterus lining thin treatments with higher rates of success are:

4. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)


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