What Happens After IUI  Day by Day

If you plan for the IUI procedure, you must clearly understand the treatment. It is because a lot happens before and after the procedure, and an initial idea will contribute to the success chances.

The IUI process involves the Implantation of male semen directly into the uterus. The procedure is usually conducted when a woman is expected to be fertile enough during her menstrual days.

What happens after IUI day by day?

Day 1:  Blood Test Semen Analysis

Day 2:  IUI Procedure

Day 3: Some females may experience spotting

Day 4- 6: Implantation Day

What happens after IUI day by day?

Day 7-8:  Implantation Bleeding may be experienced

Day 10-14:  Beta hCG test

Day 15: Fertilization Day

Day 16: The fertilized egg becomes impenetrable

What happens after IUI day by day?

Day 17: Creation and division of cells into two-celled bodies

Day 18:  Formation of embryo at 16-cell stage

Day 19: Embryo will become a blastocyst.

Day 20: The developed blastocyst will attach in the uterus.

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