Natural Ways To Treat PCOD Problems In Women – Expert Advice

Natural Ways To Treat PCOD Problems In Women – Expert Advice

Around 5-10 percent of the women go through the problem of PCOD, especially during their childbearing years, which is from 12- 45 years. A woman having PCOD goes through a lot of hormonal issues. There are a lot of symptoms and signs indicating PCOD in female, including weight gain, acne, absence of ovulation, irregular periods, etc. This problem is also commonly known as Polycystic Ovarian Disease. If the problem is not treated on time, it can lead to major health complications like obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, or diabetes.  

Polycystic Ovary Disease

Is PCOD is curable? there is nothing to worry about PCOD as with advancement in the medical field, many solutions to the problem of PCOD are available. Aastha fertility center is one of them as it gets you the best solutions to all your infertility and intimate issues. 

To get an insight into the best solutions available to PCOD, read out the article till the end and know it all. 

What is PCOD and Its Types? 

As discussed above, PCOD is a common emerging problem that occurs due to hormonal disbalance in women. Is PCOD same as PCOS? PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovary Disease, and PCOD is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome .The former occurs due to hormonal imbalance, and the latter results from excess androgen hormones, and we’ll discuss them in detail later. However, there is no definite test of PCOD. A medical examination which can include your medical history, weight, and menstrual changes, can be done by the doctor to know about the problem. Your doctor might also suggest examinations like a blood test, a pelvic exam, or an ultrasound. 

If you suffer from PCOD, it does not mean that you can not conceive. However, the irregular period cycles can make it a little difficult for the female to develop. Also, if you get PCOS, it is quite curable in the early stages. IVF is a successful option for women who suffer from PCOS. IVF is highly successful, especially for women who are young and are in their fertile ages. All the women below the age group of 45 can conceive 53 percent of the time by the end of 3 cycles.

procedure of IVF

The procedure of IVF is straightforward and is a painless solution. The eggs are taken from a donor woman in this procedure, as the mother cannot donate her eggs for the IVF procedure. The eggs are then fertilized in a laboratory under expert surveillance. And when the eggs start dividing themselves well with time, they are transferred back to the mother’s uterus. The confirmation of the successful pregnancy can be done through a blood test.

Is it possible to treat PCOD at home? 

By making some lifestyle changes; and changes in your diet, you can treat your problem of PCOD to some extent. Also, before including any supplements in your diet, you should consult a doctor, as they might suggest the proper dosage. 

There are specific tests; which can successfully help you determine if you suffer from PCOD or not. Tests such as the AMH test and the Hysteroscopy test can help you determine if you suffer from PCOD or not. In a hysteroscopy test, a thin tube is inserted into your vagina, which allows the doctors to see well inside the woman’s uterus. And in an AMH test, the ability of a woman to produce eggs is checked. 


Well, there are also many home remedies that you can go through, such as some exercises and an ideal  PCOD diet chart that will help women successfully cure and reduce the problem of PCOD.

Effective PCOD Problem Solutions To Try Without Asking Experts 

Some of the most effective ways which can be done at home; to help you get out of the problem of PCOD naturally are as follows-

1. Balance Carb and Protein Intake 

Proteins and carbohydrates both impact the hormones in a woman. Thus, eating a natural and healthy protein diet can help you stay energetic and control insulin levels. 

2. Stress Management  

Stress is the cause of many hormonal changes and PCOD problems as well. Doing yoga, meditation, getting enough sleep, and cutting caffeine from your daily routine are some of the best ways to reduce stress.

3. Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon is abstracted from the barks of the tree. One can use it in the raw form; or can also use it in the powdered form. According to the researchers, this powder helps in controlling and regulating the menstrual cycle, which is effective in PCOS. 

4. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice is highly hydrating and helps the body flush out the toxins we consume throughout the day, thus removing toxins and clearing the digestive tract, which is extremely beneficial in PCOS. 

5. Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is very important for PCOD cure as it decreases insulin resistance and regulates periods.

6. Combination of Vitamin D and calcium

The powerful combination of Vitamin D and Calcium can be very effective for PCOS, as vitamin D deficiency is widespread in women going through PCOD. Also, taking both supplements can help you get out of PCOS. 

Exercises to Cure PCOD

There are many simple exercises that you can perform while staying at home that can help you through the problem of PCOD. Easy and simple activities such as walking, swimming, and jogging are ideal for PCOS cure. These exercises also increase your sensitivity towards insulin, reducing the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. 

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