7 Symptoms of Low Sperm Count in Males

Low sperm count is when the semen ejaculated has less sperm than otherwise usual. Less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen or less than 39 million total sperm per ejaculation is considered less than an average sperm count.

Research says that a million couples seek a diagnosis of infertility annually; half of the cases are of male infertility.

Low Sperm Count Signs and Symptoms 

1. Difficulty With Sexual Functions

2. Less Facial And Body Hair

3. Erectile Dysfunction

4. Swelling or Pain in and Around The Testicles

Low Sperm Count Signs and Symptoms 

5. Deep Voice Could Also Indicate Low Sperm Count

6. Lack of Muscle May Also Be A Low Sperm Count Sign

7. Difficulty Conceiving A Child

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