Not Getting Pregnant: What to Do?

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Struggling to conceive? Here’s a guide on steps to take if you’re having trouble getting pregnant.

Seek professional advice to understand potential underlying issues and receive appropriate treatment plans.

Consult a Fertility Specialist

Focus on maintaining a healthy weight, reducing stress, and quitting smoking to enhance fertility.

Lifestyle Changes

Use ovulation kits or track fertility signs to identify your most fertile days to increase chances of conception.

Track Ovulation

Explore options like IVF, IUI, or fertility drugs based on your specific health needs.

Consider Fertility Treatments

Ensure the male partner undergoes sperm analysis as male infertility is equally common.

Check for Male Factor Infertility

Include foods rich in antioxidants, iron, and calcium that promote reproductive health.

Eat a Fertility-Boosting Diet

Stay positive and persistent. Sometimes, timing is everything when trying to conceive.

Patience and Persistence

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