Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy

Parenthood brings joy, and it indeed comes as a true blessing. However, due to the reason of infertility, it gets hard for several couples to conceive. 

Today, options like IVF and Surrogacy bring joy to your lap. There is a difference between both methods providing ample space for the couple to choose what best works for their health. 

IVF involves medical treatment to help the mother develop eggs by fertilizing her eggs in the laboratory. At the same time, surrogacy consists of a process of implanting eggs in the surrogate mother, who carries the baby till the delivery date. 

Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy

If you’re planning for infertility treatments, you must know the differences between IVF and Surrogacy. Our experts at Aastha Fertility Center have detailed the primary differences between IVF and Surrogacy for clarified answers. Scroll down to learn more. 

#1 Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy – Purpose

Both methods are highly recommended and serve as a savior for infertile couples.

IVF involves the couple’s gametes fertilized outside their body in a laboratory. Here, the mother is provided with medical pills that help her develop eggs in the ovary. Aastha Fertility Centre eases the process and makes the couple understand each step for more trust and reliability. The process is designed to make the couple experience pregnancy as it is.

Surrogacy is a simple process where the woman’s fertilized eggs are placed in another woman called the surrogate mother. After that, the surrogate mother carries the egg till the time of delivery and hands over the baby to the actual parents. 

#2 Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy – Egg And Sperm

In IVF, matured eggs from the mother are medically collected to fertilize them in the laboratory using the sperm of the father. Once the fertilizing treatment is successfully performed, these fertilized eggs are placed inside the mother’s uterus, which helps the couple conceive a child.

The process is simple and takes up to around three weeks. 

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On the other hand, in Surrogacy, the child is conceived by a surrogate mother. The surrogate mother is medically inseminated with the father’s sperm. This leads to the natural fertilization of eggs and pregnancy, also known as the traditional surrogacy method. 

#3 Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy – Infertility

IVF is a treatment suggested for couples who can conceive but cannot fertilize eggs naturally. The treatment helps a woman with blocked tubes or older patients to help them get fertilized eggs with a simple medical treatment.

Surrogacy, on the other hand, is a resort for couples who can not conceive and deliver a child. Surrogacy does not treat infertility but works to help the couple get a child through the sperm of the father and surrogate mother.

#4 Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy – Legal

Since both processes are entirely different, the legal aspects also vary. 

IVF, being a medical treatment, is entirely under the control of various healthcare institutions and the couple involved. The couple goes through every process of pregnancy and are considered the rightful, legal, and biological parents of the child, just like any other parent.

IVF specialists at Aastha Fertility Centre can help you understand all the legal and medical steps involved in processes as a team of experts offers consultation. 

Surrogacy, a third-party treatment, requires the couple to create a legal arrangement with the surrogate mother. After the birth, since the surrogate mother is legally the biological parent has to undergo the adoption procedure. Furthermore, the treatment can only be performed in institutions lawfully registered under the Surrogacy Act of 2021.

#5 Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy – Cost 

IVF and Surrogacy involve intricate steps to deal with sensitive conditions of fertility and childbirth. Their cost varies through different institutions and states of the country.

On average, the cost of Surrogacy starts from ₹10,000,00 and goes up to ₹16,000,00. The costs are not regulated by law but rather by registered medical institutions.

IVF is comparatively less expensive than Surrogacy as it starts from around ₹90,000 and goes up to ₹10,000,00 and above. IVF Cost offers a perfectly planned program where packages vary depending on the IVF treatment and duration.

#6 Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy – Emotional Involvement 

IVF and Surrogacy are highly personalized treatments that impact the couple’s emotional quotient differently. Bound by the happiness of bringing a child into the world, several other emotions are involved.

  • IVF comes with every joy and hormonal change that any pregnant lady goes through, as it involves every aspect.
  • It brings the complete experience of bearing a child and delivering a baby. 
  • The emotional waves in the couple are much higher and more personal.

Surrogacy brings true happiness in having a child. It is not free of personal experiences and emotional waves but being a third-party treatment, the experience of bearing a child is limited to the surrogate mother. 

#7 Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy – Control and Availability

IVF is a personal pregnancy experience that offers complete control only once the fertilized eggs are implanted in the mother. The process is highly successful, and couples can read IVF success stories for better understanding. 

With Surrogacy, the couple has control over the process/surrogate mother depending on the terms of the surrogacy contract.


Both treatments serve as a savior for couples these days. All thanks to the advancements in medical science that help couples with infertility or other genetic disorders experience the happiness of parenthood. With different aspects involved in IVF and surrogacy, the promised part is getting to experience the joys of parenthood.

Aastha Fertility Centre is the most reliable option as it provides an open space for consultations and discussions designed to answer every query of the couple considering any of the above options. A completely stressless and hassle-free booking experience makes the process even better. Schedule your free online consultation now to get an overview of the treatments. 

Dr Namita Kotia

Dr Namita Kotia

Dr. Namita Kotia (IVF specialist in Jaipur) attained her Master’s in Obstetrics and Gynecology from S.N. Medical College, Jodhpur affiliated to University of Rajasthan in 1997. She has more than 10 years experience in field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).Presently at Aastha Fertility Care Dr. Namita along with her team is providing complete infertility work up and treatment options under one roof. Her aim is to provide proper guidance and treatment to Infertile couples at AFFORDABLE RATES.She is life member of Indian Academy of Human Reproduction (IAHR), Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR), Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology Society of India (FOGSI) and Jaipur Obstetrics Gynecology Society (JOGS). She has a number of publications in various journals and presentations at state and National level conferences to her credit.Dr. Namita is also recipient of best paper presentation viz “Diagnosis of Congenital Mullerian anomalies by three dimensional Transvaginal Sonography” awarded at “Kishori” Conference in Jodhpur (2000).

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