Effect of Female Masturbation On Ovulation, Pregnancy, or Infertility?

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Effect of Female Masturbation On Ovulation, Pregnancy, or Infertility?

Effect of Female Masturbation On Ovulation, Pregnancy, or Infertility?

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Is it true that female masturbation leads to infertility? Is there a link between masturbating and fertilization? Females are usually concerned about the effects of masturbation on ovulation, infertility, pregnancy, or if it delays menstrual periods or not. They are also particular about whether it is beneficial or harmful.

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Does female masturbation cause infertility? Several studies indicate that masturbation does not affect ovulation. Another survey found that 91 per cent of females masturbate at least once in their lives. The same has a psychologically favourable effect. So let’s see the effects of female masturbation on fertility, and ovulation.

Effect Of Female Masturbation On Fertility

When the sperm cells fertilize a woman’s eggs, she conceives. The concept that the eggs get fertilized within the uterus is a myth. The fertilized eggs are discharged from the ovaries and placed in the fallopian tube.

The sperm cells should go to the fallopian tube to fertilize the eggs. The outer walls may be penetrated by the sperm cells To fertilize the eggs. Ovulation should have occurred before the sperm cells could function. If ovulation occurs, the eggs are discharged into the fallopian tube, which may be fertilized by sperm cells. Masturbation does not affect the sperm cells or egg and does not affect fertilization or conception.

Does female masturbation affect the fertilization process? 

Infertility usually generates too much worry in couples who desire to start a family. Many reasons exist for couples being infertile, a few of which are misconceptions masking as truths. Masturbation is among the causes that many individuals usually believe is the primary cause of female infertility. Females concerned about their sexual health frequently question if masturbation may lead to infertility. However, female masturbation may be enjoyable and beneficial to your sexual health if done in moderation.

Effect Of Female Masturbation On Ovulation

The process of ovulation is a significant part of a female who wants to conceive. During this procedure, the eggs are discharged from the ovaries and wait to be fertilized in the fallopian tube. When sperm cells fertilize it, they are placed in the woman’s uterus, leading to pregnancy. When eggs do not fertilize, they travel across the vagina.

Does female masturbation affect ovulation?

Masturbation and orgasmic pleasure do not influence ovulation. The explanation of female masturbation’s effect on ovulation is straightforward; the masturbation that leads to orgasm does not affect fertility. 

Effect Of Female Masturbation On Pregnancy

According to particular research, the female orgasm has a sperm-retention mechanism. But, many females experience orgasm with clitoral stimulation during sexual activity. It inhibits the orgasm’s capacity to aid in conception. Also, female masturbation boosts levels of oxytocin that assist in the flowing of sperm to the tube with ease; however, it does not correlate with fertility. Masturbation does assist in strengthening sexual relationships and reducing stress.

As a result, it does not affect your capacity to conceive, although it can make the process more enjoyable. Female masturbation does not have any adverse effect on pregnancy; rather, it is a common practice. However, it would be best to avoid masturbation in the following cases:

  • If your cervix is weakened.
  • If you experience a condition, Placenta Praevia, when an organ, Placenta develops to supply nutrients and oxygen to the fetus, covers the mother’s cervix opening, resulting in pregnancy hindrances.
  • The sac safeguards the baby in the womb, i.e., premature membranes rupture before labour begins.

Impact Of Female Masturbation On The Body

The body usually releases a healthy hormone amount, making masturbation a stress-relieving activity. Masturbation has a pleasurable effect on the body, releasing hormones, including dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, prolactin, and testosterone. Masturbation releases all these hormones, but masturbation does not endanger pregnancy or negatively affect fertility. 


Masturbation in women is a healthy practice that is not to be embarrassed about. Pregnancy, delayed periods, and even stunted growth are myths surrounding masturbation in females. All of these statements, unfortunately, are false. Masturbating just as much as any day is advantageous to the body of females until it is not excessive.

Masturbation is not among the reasons why females are unable to conceive. It could result from various factors, including reproductive health, lifestyle, and overall health if you cannot conceive. Polycystic ovaries syndrome, or PCOS, is a health condition that can substantially affect infertility.

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