Best Sleeping Position after IUI to Increase Success Rate

IUI and IVF treatment in Jaipur are helping people conceive successfully with a success rate of 42 to 53 percent. In the last few years, we have helped many infertile to conceive naturally, making their dreams of becoming a parent come true. 


Much cheaper and easier Intrauterine insemination IUI treatment is a process where washed men’s sperms are placed in women’s uterus using a small needle called a catheter or speculum. The process must be done correctly and at the right time(when ovulation starts) to ensure the good sperm meets healthy eggs for fertilization. With the help of endometrial biopsy or ovulation strips, our IVF specialist diagnoses the accurate ovulation time and uses the best technique and lab for concentrated insemination.  

However, aftercare, such as eating healthy, sleeping in the correct position, and staying away from alcohol, can increase the success of your IUI. There are also some common  prevailing doubts, such as whether one should climb stairs after IUI, whether sperm fail out of IUI, or if sleeping on my stomach is good. Here, we share the most comfortable and best sleeping position after IUI treatment suggested by studies and research to increase the chances of conception. But first, why resting is important after IUI-

Why is Sleeping Important in IUI treatment? 

The success of IUI is highly dependent on correct timing. It can be highly frustrating and stressful for couples who miss out on ovulation time, happening once to twice a month. The treatment results can be seen at least after 2 to 3 weeks.

The inserted sperm takes 5 to 7 minutes to reach the woman’s fallopian tubes. Thus, to beat the stress out and let the sperm successfully swim to the fallopian tubes, the doctor highly recommends that the patient rest for about 20 to 25 minutes after the treatment.

According to the journal published by the Middle East Fertility Society, patients, who rested for a couple of minutes after the process of IUI, had more successful conceptions than the ones who left immediately. So, resting after going through the IUI process can be beneficial for a successful pregnancy.  

If you have blocked fallopian tubes and think you can never conceive, then we have something for your dead hopes.

Best sleeping positions after IUI Treatment

Namita Kotia, the best IVF specialist in Jaipur, says,” resting is important; you can sleep on any side or directly on your back to increase the chances of conception.” We don’t suggest sleeping on the stomach. It is better to avoid this position after undergoing the IUI treatment process.

Remember that no medical evidence suggests any specific position after the IUI. The cervix mouth closes as soon as the IUI happens; hence, there is no scope for sperm falling out; resting with elevated legs may help you to calm the pelvic stress. 

Working women undergoing IUI treatment must also avoid exercises and heavy workouts after the procedure and rest for a while after undergoing the IUI. 

Women who are obese can rest with extra pillows on their side after IUI insemination.   They should maintain a proper healthy diet and 8-hour sleep regularly to help them get fertile. 

Although sleeping well is very important at every stage of your life. However, resting well after going through IUI and IVF is essential. 

A woman who has already gone through the IUI must also sleep at least 8 to 10 hours daily. 

Women with any physical disability can ask for support or cushioning to rest after artificial insemination. 

Do’s and Dont During IUI Treatment-

Here is a list of things one should follow or avoid to get the best results from their IUI procedure.

1. Don’t involve any physical exertion or lift weights above 5 kgs after IUI.

2. Don’t climb stairs soon after the insemination. The patient can resume walking and climbing after 40 min of rest.

3. Do start a healthy diet before and after IUI. One must include fresh vegetables, nuts, proteins, and fruits in their diet to increase the chances of conception.

4. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Instead, lying on the back or to a side increases the chances of conception.

5. Avoid having spicy and oily food items. 

6. Smoking and alcohol should be entirely restricted as they reduce the chances of conception.  

Sleeping Position after IUI Treatment

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Picture of Dr Namita Kotia

Dr Namita Kotia

Dr. Namita Kotia (IVF specialist in Jaipur) attained her Master’s in Obstetrics and Gynecology from S.N. Medical College, Jodhpur affiliated to University of Rajasthan in 1997. She has more than 10 years experience in field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Presently at Aastha Fertility Care Dr. Namita along with her team is providing complete infertility work up and treatment options under one roof. Her aim is to provide proper guidance and treatment to Infertile couples at AFFORDABLE RATES. She is life member of Indian Academy of Human Reproduction (IAHR), Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR), Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology Society of India (FOGSI) and Jaipur Obstetrics Gynecology Society (JOGS). She has a number of publications in various journals and presentations at state and National level conferences to her credit. Dr. Namita is also recipient of best paper presentation viz “Diagnosis of Congenital Mullerian anomalies by three dimensional Transvaginal Sonography” awarded at “Kishori” Conference in Jodhpur (2000).

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