Precautions After IUI You Should Take for Successful IUI Results

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Precautions After IUI You Should Take for Successful IUI Results

Precautions After IUI You Should Take for Successful IUI Results

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Keys to a successful IUI

If you have gone through the painless IUI treatment, you might be searching for the precautions you need to take to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. IUI is a mild, non-surgical infertility treatment that increases the chances of conception for an infertile couple.

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In the IUI procedure, semen from the male partner is washed and transferred into the woman’s uterus with the help of a catheter. This method is preferably conducted either during ovulation or with fertility medications to increase the chances of conception.

Although the success rate for the IUI procedure is 10% to 30%, Read how you can increase the chances of pregnancy with lower IUI costs in India.?

Patients are usually advised to be extra careful after the initial days of the procedure. Fertility Experts from Aastha Fertility Care have researched and compiled the 5 precautions after IUI that our patients take. With these precaution, we have successfully increased the pregnancy chances and have the best possible outcome-

1.     Opt for Healthy Food Options: 

Healthy Food

It is strongly advised to focus on a healthy diet after the IUI treatment. Good health and a fit body increase the chances of successful egg fertilization. Fertility experts will recommend you increase the intake of protein, fibre, and omega-rich food. IUI diet food includes:

  • Green Leafy Vegetables:

Green vegetables like collard, kale, cabbage, greens, and lettuce must be your go-to food to enhance the success chances of IUI treatment. These are filled with vitamin C and folic acids that boost the ovulation process.

  • Citrus Fruits:

Orange, pineapples, and grapes are rich sources of vitamin C and contain polyamine putrescine that improves the health of female eggs. So, involve these citrus fruit salads in your diet for positive outcomes.

  • Sunflower Seeds:

Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E and an excellent source of selenium, folate and omega-6 fatty acids.

  • Egg Yolks:

Egg yolks are a rich source of vitamin B6, folate, calcium, zinc, iron and vitamin B12. The yolk is nutrient dense and is likely to balance healthy fats and protein. You can eat it in scrambled eggs or fried or poached eggs.

Apart from these food options, there’s a list of foods to avoid after IUI. These include raw animal products and unhealthy and junk food items. These may interfere with the average foetus growth, increasing the chances of deformities.

2.  Start Exercising:


A little exercise does not harm, irrespective of any stage. Therefore, fertility experts advise not to entirely give up on workouts during the treatment phase and opt for moderate exercise. The main motive of these workouts is to keep the body moving and active, enhancing the overall blood flow to reproductive organs.

But you must ensure that all these exercises are pared down to lower intensity, as intense workouts can also cause premature implantation. Low-impact exercises you can do after IUI treatment include light aerobics, walking and yoga.

3.  Maintain Positivity in You:

One of the main pointers from the list of precautions after IUI for success includes mind and body positivity. Keep yourself distracted and away from stress, maintain a positive attitude, and feel happy for better outcomes.

IUI procedures may have direct harm from anxiety and stress. A recent report concluded that 25% to 60% of infertile individuals have psychiatric symptoms, affecting their mental health while disrupting the normal hormonal functioning of their bodies. In addition, stress during IUI or after IUI treatment can also release stress hormones, affecting the overall procedure and outcome.

4.  Maintain a Healthy Sleep Pattern:

Women with low-quality sleep and disrupted sleep patterns are more likely to experience lower fertility rates than those following an ideal resting schedule. If undergoing IUI or any other fertility treatment, you must ensure 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night. It will help you with a fresh mind, release stress, and improve mental health.

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5.  Take Prenatal Vitamins:

Prenatal Vitamins

Doctor’s approved vitamin supplements ensure that the mother receives all the necessary nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy. These prenatal vitamins have higher amounts of iron and folic acids. In addition, it helps with the production of new cells, growth of new cells and DNA creation.

But it is also advised to ask your fertility expert before starting any course of supplements to ensure that they are suitable for your health and baby.

Factors Affecting the Success Rates of IUI Procedure:

Apart from all the precautions after IUI and safety measures, some elements are known to affect the IUI success rates.

  • Couple’s Age:  The more the age, the lower the quality of sperm and eggs. 
  • TMSC (Total Motile Sperm Count): A TMCS of around 20 million sperms is sufficient for IUI. 
  • Experience and knowledge level of the fertility expert. 
  • Lack of Ovulation Disorders- Patients diagnosed with PCOS and PCOD may have produced lesser eggs than usual. 
  • Fallopian Tube Disorders- Patients with blocked fallopian tubes may experience some struggle when compared to females with open fallopian tubes. 
  • Facilities are provided by the Fertility Clinics.
  • Size of Follicles- The average length of follicles for IUI treatment is 20mm. 
  • Dose and Type of Medications- Taking hormonal medications and ovulation induction drugs can significantly impact IUI success. 
  • Sperm Abnormalities- IUI treatment is unsuitable for men suffering from severe sperm problems.


After IUI treatment, there is a list of things that you can opt for to increase the chances of conception. But, if you want to eliminate any risk of miscarriage or other faults, you need to be aware of do’s and don’ts after IUI treatment. It is because a few days after the IUI procedure is crucial to successful results. 
Aastha Fertility Care experts assist their patients through each step of fertility treatment, advising them about all the minor activities, precautions after IUI, IVF, ICSI for success, and foods to avoid after IUI. Explore our highest success rates to know more about the best fertility center.

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