Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy with Lower IUI Cost in India

Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy with Lower IUI Cost in India

The rate of fertility in men has decreased in the last few decades due to improper lifestyles and unstable health. And these causes are having an impact on female fertility, as well. When couples have their first child, about 15% of them have fertility problems. As most couples are career-oriented and thus they start their families very late; this, however, directly reduces their fertility rate with age. Infertility also leads couples to go through IVF and IUI methods to help them successfully conceive. Also, both processes are highly pocket-friendly treatments; IUI treatment cost in India is not high and is around 3000 INR for a single cycle. So if you get success in just one cycle of IUI treatment, you can also expect a total spend of around Rs. 10000 including the tests and ultrasound scans before beginning the IUI treatment process.

Infertility in women is not very common in India. But still, few females suffer from it at some point in their lives. IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is one of the most effective infertility treatments available for women today, which can give them a successful pregnancy in one go.  

The IUI procedure can offer an effective and affordable alternative to more invasive treatments for male factor infertility couples. Thus, to know the whole procedure of IUI and your chances of motherhood, read the article till the end. 

IUI- Intrauterine Insemination Technique 

IUI- Intrauterine Insemination Technique 

IUI is artificial insemination, which helps to cure infertility. During this process, the sperms are first washed. Then directly injected into the woman’s uterus during her ovulation time; to increase the chances of fertilization.    

Well, the main goal of the IUI treatment is to help the sperm go through the fallopian tubes and meet the eggs, to result in a successful pregnancy. However, many factors together make the procedure of IUI successful or unsuccessful.

The procedure of IUI can be used by anyone who cannot conceive naturally but is generally opted by those couples in which a male partner goes through infertility issues. The procedure is highly affordable and the IUI cost in India just around 12,000 INR to 17,000 INR. 

How Intrauterine Insemination Works?

There are mainly five significant steps taken in IUI, which help a couple conceive a baby. 

1. Pre-appointment from the doctor- 

In this step, you meet the doctor to examine your state of health. He also makes you go through some tests like Hysteroscopy and AMH, which lets them see clearly inside your uterus and the causes hindering normal fertility. The doctor might also ask you to do some lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and drinking to take you through a successful journey of IUI. 

2. Ensuring The Egg Production In Women 

In this step, the woman is asked to track down her ovulation cycle; so that the sperm can be inseminated in her body within 36 hours. If a woman suffers from an ovulation problem, the doctors might suggest some drugs to increase the egg production required for the IUI treatment. 

Doctors test for PCOD to eliminate the chances of getting partially mature eggs. If you want your eggs to be fully mature, follow this guide to treat PCOD naturally.   

3. Harvesting of Sperm

Step 3 involves sperm collection. So, if you are using the sperm of your partner ( fresh sperm), then your partner has to be present in the hospital to give it. However, according to your requirements, if the partner cannot work due to some medical issues, the couple can get sperm from a sperm donating bank. Here are the symptoms that help men know if they have low sperm count or not

The frozen sperms are defrosted, washed out of any impurities so that more sperm can result in more chances for the egg to get fertilized easily and very quickly. 

Here are a few food items that will improve your sperm count as sperm quantity and quality plays a major role in the success of conceiving. 

4. Insertion of Sperm 

Step 4 is one of the most significant IUI; in this step, a thin tube, known as a catcher, is used to insert the sperm into your vagina. 

The tube passes through your vagina to the uterus, where the sperm is released to get it fertilized with an egg. Although IUI is entirely painless, some women may still feel cramps during the treatment. 

5. Pregnancy Test 

It is the last step in which, after two weeks of insemination of sperm, a pregnancy test is done to determine the success of the process. However, if the test is negative for some reason, the patient can go for a cycle of IUI again or go for another method like In-Vitro Fertilisation

The whole process of IUI is long and takes about 2-3 weeks. However, the significant step of insemination takes a minute or two and requires no medications and pain relievers to conduct it. 

Also, the success of the whole process highly depends on the sperm count of the male. So, if the doctor feels that your partner has a low sperm count, a doctor might ask you to take help from donor sperm; to increase the chances of a successful IUI. 

There are many questions that a female going through IUI treatment has, and one of them is: Is IUI painful or not? The answer lies here

IUI Treatment Cost in India

Many factors can determine the cost of IUI in India. But generally, the cost of IUI for a single cycle in IUI is around 6,000 INR to 9,000 INR. Also, the total cost of the treatment depends on the number of cycles you go through to conceive successfully. To find out the IUI treatment process and expense, you can consult your nearest fertility centre in India. 

Is IUI Better Than IVF Technique

Both techniques give positive results; the central process of both treatments is quite the same. The difference lies in the cycle of IUI; fertilization takes place inside a woman’s uterus. And in the process of IVF, a fertilized embryo ( in the laboratory) is transferred to the uterus of the woman.  

How is IUI Procedure Different From IVF?

The process of IVF is a bit complex and lengthy. However, it gives positive results most of the time. The sperm and the eggs are retrieved and fused under the laboratory’s artificial conditions in this process. They are constantly kept under observance for a few weeks by doctors until they start dividing. Once they successfully convert to an embryo, they are transferred back to the uterus, which is left to be grown until birth. 

IVF is more successful in women below 35 years of age and keeps on decreasing as the age of a female increases.  

Under 35 years, the IUI success rate is 3 to 15%

35 to 37 years – 10%.

38 to 40 years – 9%

IVF is generally not painful, but some women still feel cramping during the process, which usually goes away in a day or two. 

Things You Can Do To Increase The Chances of IUI Success For Pregnancy  

It is highly possible to increase the chances of success if the patient gets a little alert and takes care of certain things. Thus, following some of the things beforehand, going for an IUI treatment, and some lifestyle changes can lead to a positive outcome of the process. 

1. Try to Keep Calm- 

However, the long and complex process of IUI can add fear and stress to you. Maintaining a healthy emotional quotient; which will help you more successfully infertility treatment. SO, If you’re going through IUI, do your best to destress and have realistic expectations about the procedure. Remain as calm and relaxed as possible throughout the process.

2. Eat Healthily

Include a lot of vitamins and proteins in your diet as it will help boost your fertility rate for the process. Try to add vegetables, fruits, lentils, and dairy products more to your diet. Also, keep yourself highly hydrated every day, like juices and water. 

3. Exercise

Exercise can help you keep calm during the IUI process and boost fertility in women. Although you must not go under intensive workouts, it is not suitable for the body. Mild activities such as running, yoga, and walking can help you through the IUI process. 

4. Quit Smoking and Alcohol 

Patients should completely stop smoking and indulging in alcohol, limiting their success in the IUI process. Also, taking a lot of caffeine can increase your heart rate, urine output, and blood pressure, affecting your metabolism. Thus, you should strictly follow all the healthy habits which a pregnant lady does. These healthy habits can make your process of IUI much more successful. 


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Can You Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant with IUI?

Here are a few tips that will help you get success with IUI treatment:
-Exercise daily 
-Avoid stress and any kind of depression.
-Take a healthy diet.
-Avoid ejaculation for three days till your IUI treatment starts.
-The time you take for the next IUI after repeated failure.

Q2. Do success rates increase after each IUI?

Suppose a female has any unexplained infertility without having low-quality eggs, then the success rates of IUI range around 7 to 10% per cycle. And when doctors add fertility medication to the treatment, the success rates get up to 25%. 

Q3. Does double IUI increase the chances of conception?

There is much research done by fertility experts that shows no or a very little increase in overall success rates when double IUI is performed on a couple. 

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