IVF Painful Or Not? The Hidden Stages of IVF That You Don’t Hear About

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IVF Painful Or Not? The Hidden Stages of IVF That You Don’t Hear About

IVF Painful Or Not? The Hidden Stages of IVF That You Don’t Hear About

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In vitro fertilization is an artificial process that can help couples deal with their infertility issues. The IVF process is much considered because of its high success rate. It is about artificial fertilization of the sperm and egg, during which the sperm and egg are kept together in a petri dish, and when the embryo is formed, it is placed in the uterus.

A few years back, medical science had no such option; but IVF is a boon to all those couples who had fertility issues but now are successful parents. However, many females still are skeptical and want to know if it is really what others say IVF is or is different? Many females feel that there are some things that couples going through IVF are still quite aware of, like how IVF is painful and how females deal with the situation ,and many others. So to get answers to all these questions, read the article till the end. 

How In-Vitro Fertilizations Works – Is it Painful or Not?

In vitro fertilization comes under Assistive reproductive technology or ART, fertilizing the egg and sperm outside the female body in a lab. Also, this process can be done using donor eggs and sperm. So, if you are going through infertility issues, do not worry, as you can quickly get a donor sperm or egg from a donor bank. Also, the process of IVF mainly includes five significant steps: medication, harvesting eggs, fertilization, embryo culture, and transfer. However, the process can seem long and complex if you prepare yourself well emotionally and physically. You can quickly get through the treatment to have successful results. 

How In-Vitro Fertilizations Works - Is it Painful or Not?

The detailed step by step IVF process is as follows-

  1. Medications- 
    In this step, the doctors give the woman hormonal injections to around 10- 15 eggs in a month. Where she ideally only produces one per month. 
  1. Egg Harvesting- 
    In the second step, the woman is given anesthesia; and the eggs are retrieved using a minor catcher from the ovaries of the woman. Also, on the same day, doctors collect the sample of the sperm. 
  1. Fertilization- 
    Fertilization is one of the significant steps in the IVF process. In which fertilizing eggs and sperm is done using ICSI in artificial environments, mainly in a lab or clinic. 
  1. Embryo culture- 
    The doctors then leave the eggs in an incubator and observe them until they start dividing themselves well. It almost takes around 3 to 5 days in this process. After the embryo is ready, doctors go to step 5, which is embryo transfer. 
  1. Embryo transfer- 
    The fertilized embryo is transferred back to the womb in this step, with a thin needle-like structure known as a catcher. 

After a week, a woman can go under a pregnancy test to know if she has successfully conceived or not, as the woman is only pregnant if the embryo attaches itself well to the inner lining of the uterus. Also, the whole process is conducted under the influence of sedatives; thus, a woman does not feel any pain during the IVF process. However, some women complained of mild cramping, which goes away in a day or two. 

The Hidden Stages of IVF that You don’t Hear About. 

Well, in the very beginning, even before the process starts. The doctors generally ask the women to go under the AMH test and the Hysteroscopy. Any of these tests can be used; however, Hysteroscopy is more popular. An ink-like fluid is injected into the uterus, which gives the doctors a clear view of the patient’s uterus. This provides the doctor with a clear picture of the issues causing infertility in the woman. 


The second point, which many people do not know, is that the success of the process of IVF depends on various factors. Such as age, quality of eggs and sperms, and how well the embryo attaches itself well to the inner lining of the uterus. The process has about 43 to 47 percent of the success rate for women under 35 years, and the success rate decreases with age.

The females suffering from Bulky uterus should not worry, says Dr. Namita Kotia, the head of the IVF department of Aastha Fertility center. They can easily choose a surrogate mother, which can be her friend, family member, or someone unknown, who will carry her baby till birth. 

bulky uterus

And lastly, the quality of the created embryo also can be a significant factor for the success of the IVF process. Thus, being positive and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a healthy mindset can make the process much more successful. And these two things directly affect the fertility of a person. 

Is IVF Painful Than IUI Technology?

There is no significant difference in both the processes; however, in IVF, the fertilization is done outside the body of the woman; as eggs and sperm are fertilized in a lab. And in the IUI process, the sperm is directly injected into the uterus; thus, the fertilization occurs inside the womb. 

IUI process

Both the processes are highly painless and do not cause any pain, but you can feel mild cramping in both of them. The cramping, however, goes away as soon as the process is completed. Thus the process of IVF is not more painful than the IUI process


If you also wish to have a baby through IVF, you should consult the doctors of Aastha Fertility center. We have a highly experienced and educated team of doctors who have helped many couples from all around the world; and have given them the gift of parenthood. Aastha Fertility center is also very transparent with their patients under all the treatments. 

Dr. Namita Kotia, the head of the IVF department, has been recognized by many prominent people at various conferences for her excellent contribution to medical science. You can also book an online appointment with the doctors of Aastha Fertility care. The hospital has about a 90 percent success rate in IVF treatments, and the cost of IVF in the hospital is around 85,000 INR to 1,00,000 INR. If you wish to have any other information about the clinic or the doctors, visit our clinic once.

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